While MMB students share an interest in understanding life at the molecular level, they come from a variety of graduate programs and departments.

First cohort of students (joined in fall 2016):

Name   Program Lab/PI
Inwha Baek BBS Steve Buratowski
Noah Bloch BBS Loren Walensky
Sarah Erlandson BBS Andrew Kruse
Richard Guerra BBS William Shih
Christina Jayson BBS Bob Farese & Tobias Walther
Zecai Liang BBS Steve Liberles
Dionis Minev SEAS William Shih
Jaeho Paek Chem Bio Andrew Kruse
Nishita Parnandi BBS Dipanjan Chowdhury
Hayden Schmidt BBS Andrew Kruse
Francois Thelot BBS Maofu Liao
Chris Wintersinger SEAS William Shih
Shiyu Xia BBS Hao Wu

Second cohort of students (joined in fall 2017):

Name   Program PI
Nouran Abdelfattah BBS Undecided
Vincent Chu Chemistry and Chemical Biology Susan Shao
Bolutife Fakoya BBS Undecided
Manav Gupta BBS Carla Kim
Bobby Hollingsworth BBS Undecided
Hanjie Jiang Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences (JHU) Phil Cole
Mark Lipstein BBS Wesley Wong
Claudia Mimoso BBS Undecided
Antonieta Salguero Chemistry-Biology Interface (JHU) Phil Cole
Judy Shen BBS Chris Sander
Jiunn Song BBS Bob Farese & Tobias Walther
Madeleine Stone BBS Undecided
Matthew Yip BBS Undecided
Hanchen Zhao BBS Mike Eck