Research & Faculty

Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Karen Adelman - Probing dynamics of gene expression
Haribabu Arthanari - NMR Spectroscopy, Structural Biology
Welcome Bender - Drosophila Molecular Genetics
Stephen Blacklow - Biochemistry of transmembrane receptors and signaling
Sara BuhrlageChemical targeting of the ubiquitin system for cancer therapy
Stephen Buratowski - Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
James Chou - Protein NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Protein
John Clardy - Biologically active small molecules
Donald Coen - Molecular Genetics of Herpes Viruses
George Daley - Stem cells in disease and development
Sloan Devlin - Study human microbiome using small molecules
Michael Eck - Structure Biology of Cytoplasmic Signal Transduction
Eric Fischer - Structural biology of the ubiquitin proteasome system
Nathanael Gray - Functional small molecules for biological discovery
Richard Gregory - Mechanisms of RNAi in stem cells
Stephen C. Harrison - Structure and dynamics of macromolecular assemblies
James M. Hogle - X-Ray Crystallographic Studies of Viruses and Proteins
Sun Hur - Molecular mechanism of the immune system
Justin Kim - Chemical tools for manipulating biological systems
Andrew Kruse - Molecular mechanisms of transmembrane signaling
Andrew Lassar - Regeneration of cartilage and skeletal muscle
Joseph Loparo - Single-molecule studies of DNA repair
Thomas Roberts - Control of Gene Expression Tumorgenesis and Differentiation
William Shih - Biomolecular nanotechnology
Piotr Sliz - Structural biology of mechanisms in gene regulation
Timothy Springer - Molecular Basis of cell adhesion and migration
Kevin Struhl - Gene regulation in yeast and cancer
Gerhard Wagner - NMR spectroscopy of proteins and metabolites
Johannes Walter - Maintenance of genome stability in S phase
Wesley P. Wong - Single-molecule Biophysics and Force Spectroscopy
Hao Wu - Mechanistic elucidation of immune signaling
Jean Zhao - Kinase signaling in cancer

Affiliated Faculty, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Dipanjan Chowdhury - Repair of Double stranded DNA breaks-pathway choices and more
Alan D. D’Andrea - Genomic instability and cancer susceptibility

Department of Cell Biology

Joan Brugge - Signal transduction in normal and transformed cells
Robert V. Farese, Jr. - Cellular lipid metabolism
Daniel Finley - The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
John Flanagan - Cell-cell signaling in neural development and regeneration
Alfred Goldberg - Mechanism and Function of Intracellular Protein Turnover
Steven Gygi - Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
Marcia Haigis - Mitochondria in aging and metabolism
Wade Harper - Mechanism and biology of ubiquitin-like protein conjugation cascades
Randall King - Chemical Approaches to Cell Division and Cancer
Tomas Kirchhausen - Single-molecule biology and visualization of cellular dynamics
Maofu Liao - Protein structure by high-resolution electron microscopy
Stephen Liberles - Molecular Biology of Instinctive Animal Behavior
Danesh Moazed - Gene Silencing and Chromosome Structure
Anders Näär - Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional control
David Pellman - Normal cell division mechanisms and cell division defects in cancer
Pere Puigserver - Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Control
Tom Rapoport - Protein Transport Across the Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane
Robin Reed - Function of human RNA machines in both normal and disease states
Adrian Salic - Mechanisms of vertebrate Hedgehog signaling
Sichen (Susan) Shao - Regulation of protein biosynthesis and quality control
Yang Shi - Transcriptional control in differentiation/development and tumorigenesis
Bruce Spiegelman - Mechanisms of Mammalian Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression
David Van Vactor - Neuronal Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis
Tobias Walther - Lipid and Membrane Homeostasis
Junying Yuan - Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death

Affiliated Faculty, Department of Cell Biology

Malcolm Whitman - Signal Transduction During Early Development

Department of Genetics

Stirling Churchman - Regulation of global gene expression at high resolution

Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology

Philip Kranzusch - Enzyme biochemistry and innate immune signaling
David Rudner - Bacterial chromosome dynamics and cell biology
Sean Whelan - Transcriptional Regulation of Viral and Mammalian Genes

Department of Systems Biology

Tim Mitchison - Cytoskeletal Dynamics