Research & Faculty

We have compiled a list of faculty who we feel have research interests that are well-aligned with the MMB community's interests in studying health and disease at the molecular level. However, students who work with faculty members who are not on this list, but whose research interests fall within the scope of MMB, are welcome to apply to be a part of MMB.

Karen Adelman - Probing dynamics of gene expression
Haribabu Arthanari - NMR Spectroscopy, Structural Biology
Welcome Bender - Drosophila Molecular Genetics
Stephen Blacklow - Biochemistry of transmembrane receptors and signaling
Alan Brown - Seeing molecular processes in atomic detail
Joan Brugge - Signal transduction in normal and transformed cells
Sara BuhrlageChemical targeting of the ubiquitin system for cancer therapy
Stephen Buratowski - Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
James Chou - Protein NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Protein
Edward Chouchani - Mitochondrial Redox Control over Pathophysiology
Dipanjan Chowdhury - Repair of Double stranded DNA breaks-pathway choices and more
Stirling Churchman - Regulation of global gene expression at high resolution
John Clardy - Biologically active small molecules
Donald Coen - Molecular Genetics of Herpes Viruses
George Daley - Stem cells in disease and development
Alan D. D’Andrea - Genomic instability and cancer susceptibility
Nika Danial - Integration of Metabolism and Stress Pathways
Sloan Devlin - Study human microbiome using small molecules
Michael Eck - Structure Biology of Cytoplasmic Signal Transduction
Robert V. Farese, Jr. - Cellular lipid metabolism
Daniel Finley - The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
Eric Fischer - Structural biology of the ubiquitin proteasome system
John Flanagan - Cell-cell signaling in neural development and regeneration
Alfred Goldberg - Mechanism and Function of Intracellular Protein Turnover
Nathanael Gray - Functional small molecules for biological discovery
Richard Gregory - Mechanisms of RNAi in stem cells
Steven Gygi - Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
Marcia Haigis - Mitochondria in aging and metabolism
Wade Harper - Mechanism and biology of ubiquitin-like protein conjugation cascades
Stephen C. Harrison - Structure and dynamics of macromolecular assemblies
James M. Hogle - X-Ray Crystallographic Studies of Viruses and Proteins
Sun Hur - Molecular mechanism of the immune system
Justin Kim - Chemical tools for manipulating biological systems
Randall King - Chemical Approaches to Cell Division and Cancer
Tomas Kirchhausen - Single-molecule biology and visualization of cellular dynamics
Philip Kranzusch - Enzyme biochemistry and innate immune signaling
Andrew Kruse - Molecular mechanisms of transmembrane signaling
Andrew Lassar - Regeneration of cartilage and skeletal muscle
Maofu Liao - Protein structure by high-resolution electron microscopy
Stephen Liberles - Molecular Biology of Instinctive Animal Behavior
Joseph Loparo - Single-molecule studies of DNA repair
Tim Mitchison - Cytoskeletal Dynamics
Danesh Moazed - Gene Silencing and Chromosome Structure
David Pellman - Normal cell division mechanisms and cell division defects in cancer
Pere Puigserver - Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Control
Tom Rapoport - Protein Transport Across the Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane
Robin Reed - Function of human RNA machines in both normal and disease states
Thomas Roberts - Control of Gene Expression Tumorgenesis and Differentiation
David Rudner - Bacterial chromosome dynamics and cell biology
Adrian Salic - Mechanisms of vertebrate Hedgehog signaling
Chris Sander - Information from evolution; combination cancer therapy
Sichen (Susan) Shao - Regulation of protein biosynthesis and quality control
Yang Shi - Transcriptional control in differentiation/development and tumorigenesis
William Shih - Biomolecular nanotechnology
Piotr Sliz - Structural biology of mechanisms in gene regulation
Bruce Spiegelman - Mechanisms of Mammalian Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression
Timothy Springer - Molecular Basis of cell adhesion and migration
Kevin Struhl - Gene regulation in yeast and cancer
David Van Vactor - Neuronal Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis
Gerhard Wagner - NMR spectroscopy of proteins and metabolites
Johannes Walter - Maintenance of genome stability in S phase
Tobias Walther - Lipid and Membrane Homeostasis
Malcolm Whitman - Signal Transduction During Early Development
Wesley P. Wong - Single-molecule Biophysics and Force Spectroscopy
Hao Wu - Mechanistic elucidation of immune signaling
Junying Yuan - Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death
Jean Zhao - Kinase signaling in cancer