G1 FALL:                BCMP 200: Principles of Molecular Biology (Course Director: Joe Loparo, BCMP)

G1 SPRING:          CB 201: Principles of Cell Biology (Course Director: Danesh Moazed, CB)

G1 SPRING:          BCMP 250: Molecular and Biophysical Mechanisms in Signal Transduction (Course Director: Andrew Kruse, BCMP)

G2 +:                  Longitudinal course:

  • Meetings will be once a month on Mondays from 5 to 6pm.
  • The main component will be work-in-progress presentations given by students to get feedback from peers and faculty. Each presentation will be attended by one or two faculty (neither of whom should be the presenting student’s dissertation advisor).
  • The peer-to-peer structure should build community and a sense of belonging to the program. It will also help students develop a deeper understanding of the study of molecular mechanisms outside of their own labs.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Annual Symposium consisting of invited talks and student presentations.
  • Travel Awards: Funding to attend conferences or skill-building courses.
  • Career information sessions with life science PhDs in different sectors. Speakers will be selected based upon student interest.